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Kimura Wines

Shige Kimura, a Marlborough based Japanese winemaker came to me asking me to design a label for his Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to export  it into the Japanese wine market.

With the wine brand chosen to be "Kimura", Shige's surname, Shige wanted the wine label to incorporate the Japanese cherry blossom to signify his heritage and add a New Zealand flavour. The resulting label; with Japanese cherry blossoms placed in a Koru pattern in a watermark background, and the combination of shell pink and dense black gives a "Japan meets New Zealand" feel. This elegant three colour label is enhanced using a high build gloss on the brand and cherry icon.

Quite appropriately Shige launched the wines at a blossom festival in Japan in 2009. He has since exported his second vintage of wine, with the addition of another variety, Pinot Gris, to add to his portfolio. Good on you, Shige!!